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ELEGANCE GRAPHITE Men’s raincoat - Waterproof clothing - Interim jacket - Colour: graphite grey - VANNSKJOLD ELEGANCE GRAPHITE Men’s raincoat - Waterproof clothing - Interim jacket - Colour: graphite grey - VANNSKJOLD

ELEGANCE graphite

The ELEGANCE rainproof coat is a universal model, its unisex style transcending gender divisions. Whether you are a woman or a man, you are going to be always dressed up to the nines in this coat. The timeless and simple cut of the coat always looks elegant, it will serve to emphasize the features of your figure at the same time. In addition, the optimal length – the coat falls just above the knee level – is going to make your figure look much slimmer.

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The classic shape of the ELEGANCE model is always in fashion. You are going to feel both comfortable  and stylish in it, no matter what is going on around you, whether you are heading to work or while you are taking a stroll in one of the city parks. The model is available in a few colours. It is without a doubt going to suit plenty of outfits – a business one for meetings with your clients, an elegant one for family gatherings, and finally an urban one for when you are heading for a party with your friends. Moreover, the ELEGANCE rainproof coat will provide you with complete water resistance, great comfort of movement and also protection in all weather conditions.

The ELEGANCE rainproof coat has been handcrafted in one of the specialized manufacturing plants running in the European Union. It is made of special rubber cotton and the joints of the fabric of the coat have been welded twice. The ELEGANCE model is fastened with snaps, it is also equipped with air holes at the armpit area, two practical pockets and a hood with a drawstring. It is precisely because of the properties of the fabric and the utmost diligence of the workmanship that the coat will effectively protect you from rain, snow and wind delighting you with its lightness, comfort and chic.

classic and timeless cut / hand-made / double welded seams / waterproof and durable


Care instructions
We recommend strictly following our care instructions:

  • For dirt or stains, first use a wet cloth and soap. If the stains do not disappear, the garment can be washed in the washing machine at up to 30 degrees, only on the mode for delicate items.
  • Use only liquid soap.
  • Hang dry in an airy place.
  • Do not use fabric softeners or bleach.
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • We recommend careful use of leather and darker denim together with our rain jackets to avoid stains and discolouration from other materials.

Use and storage
When folded for transport or stored in the wardrobe for a long time, the coat may have a few creases and fold marks. Leaving the coat hanging up for a day or two will make these marks disappear. If you want to speed up straightening you can iron the coat from the inside - be sure to use a cotton cloth between the coat and the iron, set on a low temperature. When the coat is not in use, we recommend storing it in a hanging position. Avoid hanging next to leather or darker denim garments to avoid discolouration by staining with other materials. This is especially true for light-coloured coats. Please note that a leather bag may stain your raincoat if worn together.

52% Cotton, 48% Polyester Coated with SOFT PVC


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