Adventure in Norwegian style

VANNSKJOLD means ''water shield'' in Norwegian. This term encapsulates everything we had in mind as we created our raincoats. It also brings to mind everything we would like you to get inspired by.

VANNSKJOLD is a term that refers to weather protection in the traditional Norwegian manner where tradition and modernity coexist. It is also the ability to enjoy the moment even on cloudy days and care for excellent quality which goes hand in hand with care for the environment.

The very combination of all of these elements underlies the VANNSKJOLD waterproof clothing brand which we are honoured to share with you.

Fancy a good walk?

In Norway the weather can take you by surprise every day. It can change from sunny to rainy, windy or snowy completely out of the blue. We’ve experienced this fickle weather walking the streets of Oslo, taking delight at the picturesque location of the city on the coast of one of the biggest Norwegian fjords. In Oslo, the urban space, the harbour as well as the quaint suburbs are surrounded by beautiful mountains and forests. All of it encourages one to spend time outdoors gulping in the fresh air.

We did not want to abstain from soaking up the urban atmosphere or taking customary Norwegian walks in heavy rainfall or when the bitter winds were so fierce they winnowed the skirts of your coat. Therefore, we decided to design rainproof coats and jackets our own way to make them practical, lightweight, durable and chic. In these garments you are able to weather every storm! So… ready for a walk? Let’s go!

In a good mood

“There's no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing” – this Norwegian saying is very near and dear to our hearts. We stayed true to this belief throughout the whole process of designing of our coats and jacket, at its every stage. That is exactly why you do not have to worry any more – you are properly protected against the rain and snow. Just throw on the VANNSKJOLD rainproof coat and enjoy your cheerful mood.

While cherrypicking the fabrics and deciding on the colour palette of the VANNSKJOLD raincoats we wanted to make sure you would appreciate the universality of our offer. Not only is the clothing rainproof, snowproof and windproof, it is also timeless and resistant to changes of trends in fashion. You are going to be dressed up to the nines during a business meeting. You will feel incredibly comfortable wandering down crowded streets. The stylish ease and timeless classic will make a favourable impression while hanging out with your friends or walking in the park with your family.

All hands on deck

Norway is also a country in which traditional values such as quality and functionality are valued. The inhabitants of Oslo are known to be able to successfully combine the classic chic, unique style and modern solutions. On top of that, they never forget we are all a part of nature that we should care about if we want to enjoy it and give the very possibility to future generations.

We have been captivated by the Norwegian attitude towards life. This is why we’ve decided on handmade clothing. Therefore, your handcrafted garment is not only unique, but also of superior quality. You will certainly appreciate the fact that your raincoat is environmentally friendly – made of recycled fabrics and crafted in line with the zero waste philosophy.