For the planet

In VANNSKJOLD we are convinced that it is our duty to care for the natural environment. That is why ecology is extremely important to us – both in terms of the production process and every other aspect of our activity. We have a deep understanding of our clients, so we know they want to care for the planet and have a positive impact on its future.

We strongly believe that you also share our conviction. To make sure you have all the best in life, all our rainproof coats have been designed keeping your comfort and unique style in mind. However, we also wanted to give you the opportunity to take satisfaction from environmentally friendly products. All that in order to express collective concern about the place where we live.

Ecology runs in our blood

It is the very fact that Norway has been staying on top of environmentally friendly countries for decades that has inspired us to create VANNSKJOLD. Admittedly, Norway is famous all over the world for the beauty of its nature. And Norwegians are well known for their meticulous care for the preservation of their exceptionally picturesque surroundings in the form as untouched by civilization as possible. The Norwegian attitude is near and dear to our hearts. We hope that you will also appreciate the power of these values and tradition.

Environmentally friendly cots

If you are looking for a perfect rainproof coat, you do not need to choose between style, comfort and ecology. You might as well enjoy urban classic chic at the same time keeping in mind you are taking care of the planet.

Running handmade production our way ensures we deliver high quality products to you. It also signifies lower energy consumption and limited application of technological processes that are detrimental to the natural environment. Moreover, better use of fabrics leads us directly to waste minimizing and reducing the impact of our production process on the environment

Tailor-made jackets

Going for the VANNSKJOLD rainproof jacket, you receive garments made of special rubber cotton, which comes largely from recycling. It is yet another way to put the zero waste idea into practice as well as reduce the negative impact of the production on the natural environment.

The handmade production in specialized European manufacturing plants has a great influence on the quality and durability of our rainproof clothing. A classic cut of the clothing brings you stylish ease and guarantees resistance to changing trends in fashion. You are going to wear the garments enjoying their comfort and universality for years and years.