With you in mind

VANNSKJOLD waterproof coats design is based on best patterns, inspiring ideas, classic cuts as well as tried-and-tested solutions straight from Norway. Both our company and manufacturing plants are located in the European Union to be close to you, offer you best service and customize well to your needs.

Reaching for VANNSKJOLD rainproof jackets, you are certainly going to receive a product that is handcrafted in specialized manufacturing plants. Drawing on Norwegian style and tradition, the jackets are made of special durable rubber cotton that is modern, comfortable and resistant to all weather conditions in order for you to enjoy your new purchase for a long time.

Because you are exceptional

Indeed, you are important and exceptional to us. Those are not just empty words. We want you to feel exactly this way wearing the rainproof jacket we have designed especially for you. This is why we set the direction toward handmade production. It is precisely the fact that each and every element is handmade, that distinguishes your jacket from any other one with the uniqueness of its finish, its elegant form, the timeless chick and its original colour.

We are well aware how every snap, every pocket, and every joining of the fabrics is important to you. Therefore, we attach considerable importance to the quality of how all details are finished. Our craftsmen put all of their hearts and souls as well as their experience into their work. Each and every coat is checked and double-checked to make sure you get a top-of-the-range product. First, it is cut and bonded by hand and then it undergoes quality control in a similar fashion.

Fitting like a glove

We are delighted to know that when you put on the VANNSKJOLD raincoat, you feel comfortable and stylish in it. It is so because of the fact that we have applied special lightweight rubber cotton. We are convinced you will appreciate how effectively it will protect you from miserable weather at the same time enabling you to move with ease and comfort. In addition, you will appear smart, fresh and fashionable.

Drawing on Norwegian care for comfort, the VANNSKJOLD raincoats represent plenty of features that will provide you with effective protection from rain, snow and wind. Instead of being sewn, they are welded – not once but twice. They are fastened with practical snaps and they have air holes at the armpit area. A beautiful hood with a drawstring provides you with additional protection while two front pockets protect your keys or gloves from getting wet.

Long-time comfort

Designing the VANNSKJOLD jackets has been placed in the hands of experts. They are capable of creating garments that please the eye and enable you to move with ease. They combination of high quality with a timeless aesthetic will make you enjoy the garments for a long time. Not only are they rainproof and snowproof, they are also timeless and resistant to changes of trends in fashion.

Be it a business meeting or a walk in a crowded city park with a bunch of friends - whenever you put on the VANNSKJOLD coat, you are certainly going to appreciate its comfortable, classic cut. Moreover, you do not need to give up your style and turn away from urban chic, as your coat will make an impression on rainy and cloudy days too, for that matter.